Abanca’s Inspiration Program: Listening to Young People and Bringing About Social Change

Abanca’s Inspiration Program: Listening to Young People and Bringing About Social Change Abanca, an international financial institution with headquarters in Galicia is one of these. Thinking Heads has created and backed a strategic plan for Abanca, as a strategic partner. The plan has opened a social debate on the future of young people and fostering entrepreneurship among them. This plan has been developed within the framework of Abanca's "Words for Galicia 2015" initiative, which consists of three stages: 


The first stage of this strategic plan focused on opening the debate on the future of young people. The activities for raising social awareness were organized around the visit to Galicia in May by the Indian, 2014 Nobel Peace Prize winner Kailash Satyarthi. During that visit he got to learn first-hand about the dreams of Galician children and young people, as well as meet with representatives of the political, and business world and NGOs. Whilst Galicia was the epicenter for these activities, they had an impact across the whole nation, generating the desired media and social debate throughout Spain on the importance of defending the rights of these groups in order to build a fairer society.


The second stage of the plan focuses on actively listening to young people to better understand their situation, concerns for the future and needs. To do this, Abanca's strategic alliance has been strengthened with the initiative created by and for young people: 'What do you want to do with your life?' driven by Global Shapers Madrid. This involves a group of young people traveling around the whole of Spain by trailer this month, to find out about the real situation and the future expectations of their generation, capturing them in two pieces of sociological research and a documentary.


The third stage of the strategic plan will be based on providing active support for change that can improve various aspects of society. To achieve this, Abanca will analyze the results of the active listening undertaken with young people as part of the 'What do you want to do with your life?' initiative, in order to discover interesting entrepreneurial projects and then make them happen. Through its support of these projects, Abanca seeks to be an example and to reinforce the proactive attitude of a generation that wants and is able to build its own future: a generation that can be trusted and believed in. In this way, the process of inspiration, active listening and social change that drives the social commitment of this financial institution will be completed.

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