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football economy
The economics of football 27/07/18

Keys: Football clubs are financed from different sources of revenue. Ticket revenues is one of them, why do more people go to German and English grounds than to Spanish grounds? […]

gig economy
The ‘gig economy’ facing the regulator 29/06/18

The future of the gig economy is changing after the continuous legal decisions against the business model of companies like Uber or Deliveroo. Is regulation just around the corner? Many […]

CEO corporate responsability
CEO Corporate Responsibility: between the activism of the CEO and the collective reputation 08/02/18

Generally, citizens, consumers, shareholders and society in general ask business for something more than just good products: they demand social responsibility and involvement in some of the most important social […]

cadena de bloques
Samuel Israel. Supply Chain, Meet Blockchain 02/02/18

Blockchain technology means traceability and, for almost any industry, that could mean enhanced security and more transparency A refrigerated container filled with avocados in Kenya travels 6,500 kilometers to reach […]

los 7 habitos
Featured column: Adolfo Ramírez. “The 7 habits of the leader in digital transformation” 28/12/17

“A leader is best when people hardly know that they exist, when their work is done and their goal achieved, they will say: we did it”. This thought by Chinese […]

aprender de los errores
Error and learning: Coca-Cola, Netflix and Amazon 28/12/17

Recently, several CEOs of some of the largest companies in the world are once again promoting the importance of mistakes and their importance for innovating, creating and growing. What can […]

diversidad de pensamiento
Featured column: Duncan Wardle. “The power of diverse thinking” 19/11/17

Much has been written about the benefits of diversity within an organization. Not nearly enough has been written about the benefits of “diversity of thought”. As Head of Innovation and Creativity for the Walt Disney […]

6 reasons why your company CEO should have a blog 17/10/17

Apart from being the highest authority of a company, the CEO is also its face. Reading about them in the papers and on social media is increasingly common because the […]


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