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Perspectives on French Corporate Image

The corporate image is a very broad concept, which integrates all facets of the business and all of its stakeholders. So, it’s an approach that requires analyzing and monitoring different things, which is not the prerogative of a single tool, nor of a single model.

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Your company’s reputation rating in real time

Participate in the pre-launch of a syndicated study to measure and monitor your company’s reputation.

Boost your company’s reputation in real time

We are taking a further step in measuring corporate reputation, thanks to our alliance with The Caliber Real-Time Tracker platform. Equipped with this new tool, we measure specific aspects of companies’ brand and reputation, continuously, seeing how stakeholder perceptions change over time.


Leaders with Purpose Positioning Model

We identify the key reputation triggers of the purpose-oriented leader and how they enhance the reputation and brand of companies, with valid and reliable metrics.

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