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The future of shipping 08/01/19

Keys Shipping of one kind or another is expected to continue growing in the next few years, albeit in the midst of many geo-political and commercial uncertainties The role of

Global infrastructure is back on the agenda 30/11/18

Keys The demands of economic development and the deterioration of existing infrastructure are factors that make an integral approach to developing infrastructure imperative. Funding is critical; it is not enough

2008 crisis
10 years on from the 2008 crisis, how vulnerable is the global financial system? 26/10/18

Keys Post-2008 crisis regulations have helped financial institutions towards a better capital position, more appropriate levels of borrowing and a more conservative focus to risk. Regarding the market structure, similarities

The future of the major companies of the new world economy in the age of corporate reputation 08/10/18

Keys The parent companies of these brands moderate their profits and suffer from reputation crises. Is the new world economy shifting to a new paradigm? This moderation has been seen

chinese strategy
Chinese strategy, from economic power to global cultural influence? 08/10/18

Keys China has spent and continues to spend billions in the world on its “Good guy” policy. That is why it embraces trade, it stands as a respectful signatory to

Trump protectionism
Trump protectionism, an imminent threat 27/07/18

Keys: Electoral promises materialize: Trump protectionism has arrived. But will increased tariffs really help to create jobs in USA? How will Trump’s trade war affect the international order? Investor uncertainty

gig economy
The ‘gig economy’ facing the regulator 29/06/18

The future of the gig economy is changing after the continuous legal decisions against the business model of companies like Uber or Deliveroo. Is regulation just around the corner? Many

Has economics learned anything from the crisis
Has economics learned anything from the crisis of the last 10 years? 07/02/18

The financial, economic, political and social crisis has put many theories, concepts, policies and consequently, professions, in doubt. These include a profound criticism of economics, economists and their concepts. Has


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