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Trump protectionism
Trump protectionism, an imminent threat 27/07/18

Keys: Electoral promises materialize: Trump protectionism has arrived. But will increased tariffs really help to create jobs in USA? How will Trump’s trade war affect the international order? Investor uncertainty […]

gig economy
The ‘gig economy’ facing the regulator 29/06/18

The future of the gig economy is changing after the continuous legal decisions against the business model of companies like Uber or Deliveroo. Is regulation just around the corner? Many […]

Has economics learned anything from the crisis
Has economics learned anything from the crisis of the last 10 years? 07/02/18

The financial, economic, political and social crisis has put many theories, concepts, policies and consequently, professions, in doubt. These include a profound criticism of economics, economists and their concepts. Has […]

Governments and productivity
Governments and productivity: towards digital disruption? 07/02/18

The productivity of economies appears to have flat-lined in the last decade and there is no agreement as to the causes. The effects are important as productivity is increasingly important […]

capitalismo neoliberal
(Neo)liberalism and economics: How to save capitalism 28/12/17

Criticism of capitalism is arising from both sides of the political spectrum in many countries. How can capitalism be brought in line with the 21st century? Is it impossible? What […]

economic crisis
Are we prepared for a new economic crisis? Apparently not 15/11/17

Although it seems that the world has managed to turn the page on the economic crisis – at least with respect to macroeconomics and growth forecasts – the main parties […]


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