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súper ciclo electoral
Super-cycle of elections in Latin America: Where is the region heading? 28/12/17

Eight Latin American countries will hold elections over a period of 13 months, and another six in 2019. So, 14 of the 18 countries of the region will have voted […]

redes sociales y política
Are technological giants a threat to democracy? 15/11/17

Major technological giants are beginning to experience a gradual erosion of their reputations. Recent cases – such as paying taxes, managing our information and the influence on employment, among others […]

soft power
Volatility in international relations, soft power and digital diplomacy 17/10/17

The accelerated technological and digital advances of recent decades have made the world a more complex, multidimensional and interdependent place. National states have seen their capacity to exercise their political […]

Globalization, economic crisis and cultural reaction: is it the end of populism? 17/10/17

Populist movements, of different orientations and in different countries, rose strongly with the economic crisis. So, that means that the end of the crisis would also mean the end of […]

Will China and the EU be able to replace USA in global leadership? 17/10/17

Trump’s presidency and the new political orientations of his administration seem to leave a new space for the global influence and leadership of other countries. An example: at a time […]


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