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The anatomy of populism 04/12/18

We reflect on some of the most important and potentially destabilizing political leaders and events of recent times. Trump, Salvini, Bolsonaro, and the driving forces behind the Brexit – but

Is it possible to contain European and Latin American populism in the near future? 30/11/18

Keys Both in Europe and Latin America, the rise and influence of populist movements and leaders has been consolidated in 2018 Populism has no ideology, but it is a political

European Union and the new copyright law, driving the creative industry or a blow to Internet? 26/10/18

Keys The adoption and discussion of the European Directive have caused confrontation between content generators and tech companies and defenders of an open internet. As long as the process lasts,

The EU at a crossroads
The EU, at a crossroads between federalism or a return to the nation-state 02/07/18

Keys: The arrival of Donald Trump to the presidency of the United States has meant a protectionist turn in the world’s leading power. European leaders have declared their distrust in

súper ciclo electoral
Super-cycle of elections in Latin America: Where is the region heading? 28/12/17

Eight Latin American countries will hold elections over a period of 13 months, and another six in 2019. So, 14 of the 18 countries of the region will have voted

redes sociales y política
Are technological giants a threat to democracy? 15/11/17

Major technological giants are beginning to experience a gradual erosion of their reputations. Recent cases – such as paying taxes, managing our information and the influence on employment, among others

soft power
Volatility in international relations, soft power and digital diplomacy 17/10/17

The accelerated technological and digital advances of recent decades have made the world a more complex, multidimensional and interdependent place. National states have seen their capacity to exercise their political

Globalization, economic crisis and cultural reaction: is it the end of populism? 17/10/17

Populist movements, of different orientations and in different countries, rose strongly with the economic crisis. So, that means that the end of the crisis would also mean the end of


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