Adriana Kaplan

Executive Coach



Adriana Kaplan is Argentinean, born in Buenos Aires and immigrated to Spain in 1978. She lived in Barcelona and Seville, before settling in Madrid, from where she currently runs a communication course for managers.

Throughout her extensive profession in the world of television, Adriana has held very diverse positions, however she has managed to concentrate her experience in the area of oration and education in the form of coach to TV presenters, an experience which was later passed on to professionals in various sectors.

She is a graduate in Teaching and Audiovisual Communication and has a diploma in Protocol and Public Relations from Escuela Diplomática de Madrid and Instituto de Administración. She started her career with Tesauro Televisión (private TV producer) as director of Communication and Promotions, responsible for the purchase, sale and adaptation of formats, reinforcing the image of the company in moments of crisis with advice and instruction to managers on how to relate to the media and the production of castings (for the US network, ABC). At Itaca Televisión, she held the role of assistant director of the debate programme “El Ojo Público” (“The Public Eye”). At Jarabel Producciones she worked as a coach for well-known television presenters, in addition to being in charge of contract negotiations with television networks, and during her time at Boomerang TV (the independent TV channel for the Canary Islands), she was the director of the programme “La Guagua”. She was employed as assistant director for the programme “El Mayor Espectáculo del Mundo”, produced by Sagresa TV for the Spanish public broadcasting corporation TVE and as the executive producer for the “Príncipe de Asturias” (“Prince of Asturias”) awards for VIA DIGITAL.

From 1996 to 2002, she undertook the role of communications advisor (specialising in television) for various private companies, and adapting marketing proposals to television media whilst working for Quiero Televisión as an external advisor for the programming and contents department and as Talent Manager.

Adriana became the communications advisor and project co-ordinator for “Robinson QUO” during her time at Hachet Filipachi and it was from this moment that she started to apply her experience as coach to TV presenters to managers from various sectors, whilst continuing with her work running a specialised course for television hosts for EIAM (Escuela Internacional de Audiovisual y Multimedia (International School of Audiovisual and Multimedia). She also ran formation seminars for TV hosts at Universidad Francisco de Vitoria and worked as an oration professor in International Relations at Masters Degree level at Escuela de Negocios Aliter. Adriana currently runs a communication course for managers.

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