Alex Rovira

Alex Rovira

Economist and Bestseller Author

The main thing is to avoid resignation, abandonment, self-pity. It is not so important what happens to you, but the meaning you give to those things happening to you



As a lecturer, Álex Rovira believes deeply in the transforming power of the word. In his lectures he addresses psychology, philosophy and sociology focused on business management, with the aim of boosting personal capacity and favoring the dynamics of the teams.

"The essential thing is to avoid resignation, abandonment, self-pity. It is not so important what happens to you, but the meaning you give to what happens to you "

A graduate in Economics, Rovira is also one of the most prestigious Spanish writers. His works, translated into more than 35 languages, have been a bestseller in all the countries in which they have been published.

He is the author of La Brújula Interior, translated into nine languages ​​and with more than five hundred thousand copies sold. He is also co-author of La Buena Suerte, an unprecedented success in Spanish non-fiction literature that, translated into thirty-eight languages, has sold close to four million copies and was chosen Shimpu for the best book of the year in Japan. in 2004.

"If human relationships are healthy, there are few things more potent than friendship to push forward no matter how difficult the circumstances"

Another of his works to highlight is the Seven Powers, whose first edition of one hundred thousand copies in Spanish language is the largest print run in history for a book of business fiction. Translated in its launch to ten languages, surpassed in its initial circulation the five hundred thousand copies worldwide, and was considered by the University of Wharton (USA) as one of the ten best business narrative books published throughout of 2006.

The Good Crisis, published in 2009, is the last volume of the trilogy composed by La Buena Vida and La Buena Suerte, and in it it offers the keys for the transformation of existence from the learning generated by a crisis. Álex is a regular contributor to various media, both national and foreign, including El País, Cadena Ser and the prestigious Japanese psychology magazine Psiko. He has won the Torrevieja City Novel Prize in 2009 for The Last Response, co-written with Francesc Miralles.

Speaker highly demanded in the international sphere, has shared scene with personalities like Rudolph Giuliani, Madeleine Albright, Alan Greenspan, Tom Peters, Michael Porter, Philip Kotler, Daniel Goleman, Kenichi Omahe, W. Chan Kin, Edward de Bono, Masaru Emoto, Ekhart Tolle, Francis Ford Coppola or Alejandro Jodorowsky, in important forums in Latin America, Europe and Asia.

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