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Looking into a new way of thinking about how things work, Aric Dromi helps advance philosophical research and related fields through innovation & technology. He looks at emerging global trends and helps identify the strategic implications of those trends. An essential part of capturing the future is being able to explain it, make it tangible and most important, make it relevant. That’s exactly what he does. He tells stories about the future that could happen and helps develop concepts around what should happen. His work is industry-agnostic, and covers trend activity in the realms of science & technology, economics, politics, demographics and environmental issues.

Aric has spent his adult life —and most of his childhood— engrossed imagining the future and the potentials that drive it. As someone with atypical curiosity, he found himself sailing with Captain Nemo, escaping the ordinary into the land of wonder.

By high school, he decided that the formal education system is more a pipe designed to feed the “norm” rather than a place to build up curiosity, a lesson he carried with him throughout life. As a result, he chose a path that will always challenge him and the status quo (therefore he considers himself a troublemaker) but also be governed by a unique side effect, enabling him to look back into the present. He built up his career on “things that he knew that he didn’t know,” he always took assignments that he hadn’t done before and regularly pushed himself to explore new fields, tools, and methods that would redefine his vantage point on any given challenge.

Aric currently resides in Gothenburg, Sweden. As an entrepreneur, he is splitting his time between his role as founder and managing partner at Deportment Of the Future, rethinking the narratives of future education systems as the co-CEO at DISCO Education and provoking people at The Dead Rabbit Society. He travels and changes the way we experience the world, the way we think about thinking and transform the way we understand change. He gives speeches that frame questions and help people identify and abandon old paradigms and rethink thinking. He is also the in-house futurologist at Volvo cars.

Speaking Topics
-Awakening technologies:
How technology shapes social behaviors? How will automation and algorithmic intelligence impact society? What are the emerging narratives and trends that drive transformation?

-The misfit cultures of innovation:
What is innovation? How experimentation and creativity enable prosperity in a digital society? How do we build a culture of exploration and curiosity? How do we rethink our thinking and secure growth in a changing market place?

-The future - business not as usual
How to build an understanding of the complex equation of technology versus societal wants and needs? How technology is impacting economic development? What are the ethics and morals of the future? What is the future of work?

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