Bruno Bobone

President of the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry since 2005. Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Pinto Basto Group


English, Portuguese, Spanish

The Portuguese businessman Bruno Carlos Pinto Basto Bobone (Lisbon, 1960) is president of the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CCIP) since 2005 and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Pinto Basto Group, a leading family company in the maritime services sector, taking over as head of the company when he was 33 years old.

He has extensive experience in both the private sector and at the forefront of business-type civil society associations, leading organizations such as the Forum Oceano General Assembly, among others.

During his 12 years as president of the Portuguese Chamber of Commerce and Industry, he has put himself at the forefront of the development of Portuguese business and SMEs, becoming a great promoter of the internationalization of the national economy. He is also an expert on the economic relations between African countries and Portugal, having a particular personal attachment for Mozambique since he lived most of his childhood there.

Bruno Bobone defends the role of civil society and companies as engines of the economy and the creation of decent jobs. His work as a businessman and spokesman for the sector has allowed him to develop a deep knowledge of the Portuguese business sector, its most pressing needs and future potential, as well as the Portuguese economic policy of the last thirty years.

Furthermore, according to Bobone the history and future of Portugal cannot be understood without its close relationship with the ocean and in this sense he is an advocate of the international projection of his country as a benchmark in the management of the economy of the sea.

Bruno Bobone is a speaker who stands out for his professionalism and his commitment to each client. His first-hand knowledge of the economy and the business fabric make him a perfect speaker to talk about the Portuguese case in the face of the economic crisis and the specific role played by the private sector in the great economic recovery of his country in recent years.

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