Chad Hurley

Co-founder of YouTube, MixBit, and AVOS Systems Internet Entrepreneur

I was one of those kids who took apart their toys to see how they work, just to see what they were made up of



Chad Hurley, internet entrepreneur, built-up his name after co-founding the video sharing website, YouTube in 2005. Chad’s crucial events happened consequently to his Bachelors’ of Arts degree in the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, when he began working for PayPal as a result he gained knowledge in the area of user interface. Hurley, along with co-workers Steve Chen and Jawed Karim, created the website and sold it to Google for $1.65 billion in stock a year later. Since then, the social pioneer has been recognized all over the world after having created such website that revolutionized the way people viewed online content. Currently, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, attracting over 800 million unique users watching over 4 billion hours’ worth of content each month.

Shortly after selling YouTube, Hurley co-founded AVOS Systems, which created platforms and building products that facilitates individuals to manage their time efficiently in their daily life. Chads’ application is also responsible for powering the web and mobile applications such as MxBit.

Chad was a combination of a business entrepreneur which managed to found and grow YouTube in a short period. Hence, he has become a legend in the business and in 2006 he ranked 28th on Business 2.0 “50 People Who Matter Now” list. Later in 2008 he won the Vanguard Award, which recognized accomplishments and outstanding achievement in new media and technology. To this day, Chad Hurley is one of the most influencing and innovative entrepreneurs for the internet environment.

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