Costa Vayenas

Senior Investment Consultant at Wellershoff & Partners.
Switzerland-based investment advisor to banks, asset managers, family offices and hedge funds.


English, German


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Costa Vayenas is Senior Investment Consultant at Wellershoff & Partners, a Switzerland-based investment advisor to banks, asset managers, family offices and hedge funds. He is also the Director of the Procivis Think Tank aiming to empower digital societies, based at Europe’s largest blockchain hub.

As a speaker, he shares his expert insight on blockchain and cryptocurrencies, areas he has devoted his career too. Moreover, his long career in the banking sector allows him to analyze global financial trends and the impact of digitalization in the economy. Vayenas has also researched and lectured in prestigious universities, and therefore he is not only a great communicator but also scientific analyst of the investment sector.

Costa Vayenas has devoted most of his career to analyze investments and the financial scene. Nowadays he puts his expertise to work at Wellershoff & Partners in Zurich as Senior Investment Consultant, where he advises a wide range of banks, asset managers, family offices and hedge funds on how to best invest. To also follow his deep interest in studying the impact of digitalization in people’s lives and the economy, Costa Vayenas is the appointed Director of the Procivis Think Tank. Provicis AG is Swiss startup devoted to offering digital identity solutions and e-government applications and services.

Previously he worked as Head of Emerging Markets Research for UBS in London, New York and Zurich. Moreover, he knows well the academic world as he has lectured at the University of Zurich as well as the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (ETH). Aiming to in-depth analyze the most pressing issues in his field, Costa Vayenas has also authored numerous publications where he explores interesting matters emerging markets and investments. In the tech sector, he is the author of “Democracy in the Digital Age”, a book on how new technology is leading to institutional changes at the level of government. He is also very active in the digital start-up sector.

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