Elsa Punset

Philosopher and communicator, expert in education, emotional inteligence and change management.

We are not programmed to be happy, rather to survive. Our brains get ready to defend themselves against any outside threat


English, French, Spanish

Writer Elsa Punset is a philosopher and leading science popularizer on the Spanish media and culture scene. An expert in emotional intelligence as a tool for positive change, she is well known for her work on television (El Hormiguero (The Anthill) a talk show on nationwide private station Antena 3, science program Redes (Networks) and culture-focused Para todos la 2 (Channel 2 For Everyone) on RTVE (Spanish public radio and television), as well as for being the author of bestselling informative and children’s books.

A philosopher, educator and journalist, she gives talks and workshops through the Laboratorio de Aprendizaje Social y Emocional (Social and Emotional Learning Laboratory) of which she is in charge of content. She owes her success to the balance between her brilliant academic career, her ability to connect with the public, the clarity of her explanations and the practical approach of her talks.

Her latest publication El libro de las pequeñas revoluciones, (The Book of Small Revolutions) sold over 45,000 copies during the first month after its release and reached number 1 on the non-fiction listing. She has also written Una mochila para el universo, (A Backpack for the Universe), a non-fiction bestseller that has been published in 14 countries, La brújula para navegantes emocionales, (A Compass for Emotional Travelers), Inocencia Radical (Radical Innocence) and El mundo en tus manos (The World in Your Hands). Elsa also writes for children. Following the tale El león jardinero (The Lion Gardener) she began the collection Los Atrevidos (The Daring), a series of adventure books for learning how to handle emotions.

She graduated in Philosophy and Arts and after obtaining a master’s in Humanities from Oxford University, was awarded a grant by the Fulbright Program to study in New York. She has a master’s in Journalism from the Autonomous University of Madrid and another in Secondary Education from the Camilo José Cela University. Elsa has worked at Cadena SER (Spanish radio broadcasting network) and Grupo Anaya (a publishing house).


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