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Gary Hamel

Strategic Innovation Expert and Author in the Future of Management.




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Gary Hamel is one of the most globally recognized management experts, author and consultant. His main concepts like the "strategic objective" or "basic competence" have revolutionized business management around the world. He has used his expertise as a consultant for big corporations such as General Electric or Procter & Gamble, amongst others. Through the program he designed , 'The Management Jam' he has turned ordinary managers into managers who innovate not only in products and services, but who have also achieved revolutionary results and a competitive advantage using his management techniques.

His professional career has been recognized by the international media. In 2008 The Wall Street Journal classified Gary Hamel as one of the most influential business experts in the world; and Fortune magazine called him "The World's leading expert in Business Strategy."

He has published numerous books, and by far his best-selling book is : "Leading the Revolution and Competing for the Future", which has been included in all Management sales charts and translated in to more than 20 languages . In addition, his book "The Future of Management" has been published by Harvard Business School and was chosen by Amazon as the Best Business Book of the year 2007.

Gary Hamel is a regular columnist in the Harvard Business Review, the Wall Street Journal, Fortune, The Financial Times, among other leading publications and he is also a visiting professor for Strategic Management at the London Business School.


Innovation from everyone, everyday
Every human being has within them a creative spark, yet our organizations harness only a fraction of that latent imagination. While 79% of leaders rank innovation as a top priority, 94% say their organizations aren’t as innovative as they need to be. What gives? If innovation is so important, why do most companies struggle with it? Because few of them have taken a systematic approach to making innovation instinctive for every individual and intrinsic to the organization itself. For innovation to become a genuine core competence, organizations must.

Building an evolutionary advantage
The winds of creative destruction are howling. Change is exponential and unrelenting. In this environment, the most important question for any organization is, "Are we changing as fast as the world around us?" Sadly, for many organizations the answer is no. Today, there are many who expect the old guard to lose. After all, in a hyper-kinetic world, resources count for less than resource-fulness, and companies that fall behind tend to stay behind.

Busting bureaucracy, for good
If you want to win in a world of nimble, hungry upstarts, bureaucracy has to die. Young companies are bold, flexible and quick. Big companies, not so much. Research suggests that an excess of bureaucracy too many layers and too many rules costs OECD economies $9 trillion each year in lost economic output. Nevertheless, most struggle to imagine an alternative. Bureaucracy seems essential for achieving the control, coordination and consistency that allow large organizations to function. For decades that was true, now it is not.

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