Gloria Lomana

Journalist. Political Analyst.



Gloria Lomana is an outstanding journalist who has built a strong career in the Spanish Television. For over 13 years (2003-2016), she served as Director of information for private Spanish TV channel Antena 3, which made her the journalist with the largest experience at the front of the current affairs news casting for a Spanish TV channel. Under Lomana´s direction, Antena 3 achieved to be at the top of the rating list in the news casting service, outperforming the Public broadcasting system Televisión Española.

Lomana’s career started at Televisión Española in 1982, where she served in various positions. She was in charge of coordinating the Parliamentary information, among other activities. By 1999, she started working for Antena 3, where she hosted the National section and took part as an analyst in the debate programs El primer café and La respuesta.

Throughout her years as a journalist, Gloria Lomana has interviewed six Prime Ministers of Spain as well as leaders of the opposition. Her most politically transcendental interview was the one she had with former Prime Minister Aznar, which allegedly brought Rajoy and Aznar´s relationship to an end.

Gloria Lomana is a strong, self-reliable woman whose personality has been constantly projected along her career as a journalist. Hence her high position in the world of the news casting.

Due to her successful trajectory as a journalist, she has been awarded the Gran Cruz del Mérito Civil as recognition for her contribution to Spain’s image improvement project Marca España, the award Premio a la comunicación for her commitment to promoting high executive women; and, in 2015, she was awarded the First Amendment Award, bestowed by the Eisenhower Foundation for the defense and promotion of the freedom of the media.

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