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Ian Khan is a CNN featured Technology Futurist, 3 times TEDx Speaker, Director of highly acclaimed documentary “Blockchain City", Bestselling author of “7 Axioms of Value Creation”, and contributor to many publications including McGraw Hill and Forbes. One of the most widely quoted experts on Blockchain, Ian is on a mission to "Unlock Human Potential" by helping understand how technology can help us become more Efficient, Happy and more Human. Ian continues to enthrall his audiences worldwide and has spoken at industry conferences including Microsoft Worldwide Conference, World Government Summit, Money2020, SWIFT and helped hundreds of organizations with their digital transformation journey.

Ian Khan is a highly sought after emerging technology expert. Ian has impacted over 5000 organizations in his career of 20 years to help organizations understand emerging technology and the steps they can take to create limitless value. An advocate of emerging technologies, Ian helps organizations gain a competitive advantage in today’s era of disruption and rapid change. His core speaking topics include technology trends, industry future outlook and the role of IoT, AI & Blockchain in shaping our future.

Ian is also the author of over 8 books. Some of these include Cloud Wars, The Internet of Things (IoT) A Concise Introduction, The Internet of Things & the Future of Innovation, Make Me Like You, 21 Steps & Get Ahead and Meaningful Conversations.

A highly sought-after expert, Ian has dedicated the last 20 years evangelizing technologies such as Cloud Computing, Internet of Things, and emerging tech. Though his career he Ian has worked with Information Technology startups, SAP EBS Partner Companies and key Microsoft partner ecosystem providers. Through his two decades of working in the industry, he also gained a complete understanding of where organizations face a maximum challenge as his roles included Sales, Business Development, Management, to managing global marketing teams.

Ian is also an active speaker and spends more than 200 days per year on the road speaking at industry conferences. He is also a frequent contributor to industry publications and his work has appeared in McGraw Hill Education, Huffington Post, & Techvibes.

He is also a founding member of ZOTAC (Internet of Things Association of Canada), Canada's Only Internet of Things Advocacy group and Nonprofit dedicated at providing a platform & advocacy support for IoT initiatives in Canada. Passionate about helping newer generations develop key technology understanding, Ian also works with educational institutions & nonprofit organizations. His recent work includes Chang School (Ryerson University), Schulich School of Business (York University) and others. Ian is also the host of the Innovation Times podcast that interviews Thought leaders, helping shape the future of the world through meaningful conversations. Ian is also a member of the Association of Global Futurists, a member of the National Speaking Association and the World Future Society. He lives in Toronto, Canada with his wife and son and has a local presence in Toronto, New York, San Francisco, London, and Dubai.


The internet of things essential for industry

Learn how the Internet of Things (IoT) is a fast-changing industry and catapulting us into the 4th Industrial Revolution. Gain insider knowledge on how IoT systems are affecting specific industries, its uses, and the path forward. Also learn about various subcategories of IoT devices including Wearables, Industrial IoT, Healthcare IoT, Connected Cars and more. This session is suitable for organizations that need a clear and realistic pathway to understand the Internet of Things for their industry and its threats, opportunities, and trends.

The 7 Axioms of value creation in the era of digital disruption

Meaningful Conversations sets you up for success in today's era of technology disruption. From the author's book, learn about the 7 key axioms of value creation and how your organization can build a highly successful enterprise that truly innovates.

Learn about the 7 core axioms of value creation and how you can use these to create positive change. Highly suitable for audiences that have reached a plateau with productivity and need an additional injection of a new thought pattern that can fuel a massive cultural shift.

The smart city revolution - how technology is changing everything

Technology is penetrating every area of our lives. The idea of Smart Cities changes the way we interact and use our everyday surroundings. From our homes to cars to our workplaces, every aspect of our environment is set to change due to the technology and innovation explosion. Learn from examples of worlds leading Smart cities such as Barcelona & Amsterdam to cities that want to be the first in everything such as Dubai. Learn what Smart infrastructure means and the path to enable it.

The Blockchain & bitcoin revolution is here - Risks, opportunities, and the cryptocurrency economy

Distributed ledger technologies such as Blockchain have changed the very fundamentals of how transactions work. No longer deemed a disruptive technology but a fundamental technology, Blockchain or as it is also known the Distributed Ledger is going to be one of the most profound technologies of our era. With a highly complex method of storing information and guaranteeing secure transactions, Blockchain is changing the very face of Banking and Financial Transactions. More industries that need governance and privacy are looking at Blockchain as a savior and enabler of privacy and accountability. In this session, learn why Blockchain is so massively impactful and how this will change the essence of every transaction. Covering Bitcoin, Etherium & other Cryptocurrencies form a solution perspective.

Going from disruption to value creation - how organizations catapult into succes

Learn why going from being disrupted to becoming a value creator can change the fate of your business. Some of the world's largest and most successful companies follow a code of excellence. Among all these companies, the code is similar and has seven key areas that everyone adopts, fueling massive success. Learn about the 7 axioms of ultimate success and how you can be a leader in what you do by not disrupting anything, but by becoming a value creation focused organization. The 7 Axioms touch all aspects of the business including, sales, marketing, operations, and leadership to create an organization that is ready to grow from the inside out.

Iot, Blockchain, AI and the future of humanity - the technology value creation trifecta

Learn about the three transformative technologies that will reshape 99.9% of what we do and how we do it. Internet of Things, Blockchain and Artificial form the technology trifecta that is slowly leading the path to unlock a tremendous amount of value. These three technologies are revolutionary in nature and will shape positive outcomes in the era of the 4th Industrial revolution. Learn the How and the Why of the technology trifecta and apply the knowledge to your business to inspire, grow and become successful.

Crypto wars - demystifying bitcoin, etherium & the new model of money

Learn about what Cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin & Etherium have to offer, what is behind the market dynamics of these currencies and how we can benefit from this time of fast change.

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