José Antonio Marina Torres

Philosopher and Essayist. Expert on values and intelligence in organizations.

We live in a society that is mentally aging, that takes refuge in routine, or in protecting the state



José Antonio Marina is a philosopher, a specialist in cognitive sciences and a high school professor. He has received the DMR Economics Award and the prestigious National Essay Award. He is one of the most widely-read and admired present-day Spanish thinkers and the most influential philosopher in the field of business management. José Antonio takes part in numerous talks, forums, conferences and gatherings related to education, creative intelligence, learning and talent as well as other subjects in his broad spectrum of interests.

He has developed a theory of intelligence that extends from neurology to ethics, and makes essential contributions to the question of intelligence in organizations and political structures. When transferring this theory to the business environment, he concluded that socially responsible economic projects are basically what bring together intelligence, ethics and groups of people. He has also done research on the mechanisms of creativity, collective intelligence, the philosophy of culture and education. His work has focused on the mechanisms involved in how intelligence works and its unlimited capacity to create, leading him to the conclusion that the greatest achievement of human intellect is ethics and its implementation in real life: goodness.

In addition, he has written many essays, newspaper articles and books about creativity, overcoming fear, education, talent management, business management and democratic values, such as La inteligencia fracasada (Failed Intelligence), La educación del talento (The Education of Talent) and La inteligencia ejecutiva (Executive Intelligence). José regularly contributes to newspapers (El Mundo culture supplements, El Semanal, etc.), radio and television programs and takes part in discussions and debates.

In recognition of his work he has won the DMR Economics Award and the National Essay Award, and has become one of Spain’s bestselling essayists and author of the most popular must-reads for top executives.


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