Julian Bulgheroni

Former Regional Director of Corporate Strategy and Business Development at The Walt Disney Company.


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Julian Bulgheroni is currently a leading independent consultant specializing in the areas of Business Strategy, Consumer Experience and Change Management, as well as being one of the few futurists within the Latin American region. He has a solid 20-year career (1997-2017) at The Walt Disney Company in Latin America and the United States, occupying different roles and having been responsible for multiple businesses and geographic regions.

Julian Bulgheroni was Regional Director of Corporate Strategy and Business Development at The Walt Disney Company, directing and supervising the company's different corporate divisions in Latin America (Media Networks, Studios, Consumer Products) as well as the different brands (Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Lucas Films). In turn, and in parallel, he was responsible for introducing and internally creating the discipline of Consumer Experience, holding the role of Regional Director of Marketing Consumer Experience, leading this practice for 8 years, from its origin to achieve a profound cultural change and strategic mindset.

His natural passion for the future, innovation, the challenge of the status quo and business led him at The Walt Disney Company to be a mentor to an internal innovation laboratory and to co-lead an interdisciplinary strategic planning team. It was precisely that almost premonitory and long-term vision that Julian carries in his DNA that allowed him at 11 years of age, to tell his parents "I will work here one day" while having an ice cream in Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World, Orlando.

As an independent consultant, Julian Bulgheroni has focused in recent years on assisting private sector organizations and companies (marketing agencies, retailers, mass consumption, technology, start-ups, tourism) and public (government) to visualize and capitalize on the future vision and emerging opportunities in an unprecedented context of constant change and turbulence. Advises and co-creates long-term holistic strategies designed and executed together with the executive and Senior Management Committee, focusing on the likely future scenarios to generate short-term results as long-term sustained growth is delineated and developed.

As a lecturer, Julian Bulgheroni has participated in sessions in Latin America, the United States and Europe on issues related to Consumer Experience, Disruption, Business Strategy and Innovative Business Models. His style is formally casual, participatory, empathetic and his lectures are usually covered with humor and emotion, with endless stories and anecdotes related to the behind the scenes of Disney.

Julian was born in Argentina, has a degree in Business Administration from the University of Belgrano and has a Postgraduate Degree in Strategic Management from the University of San Andrés. Additionally, he dedicated himself to studying the Strategic Foresight discipline for more than 5 years, reaching the status of Foresight Practitioner granted by The Futures School.

1. Consumer Experience: how to build businesses with the consumer in the centre of every decision that the company makes. This encompasses the company holistically. This is not just marketing or business development. As examples, finance and legal teams have to think "experientally" too.

2. Human Centric Models: humans are not only consumers but persons first. We live in a society, we do not act and think isolated without being exposed to external influences. We have emotions and most of our decisions we make in life are emotional and not rational. This model brings the emotions and our multiple circles of influence to life, not just THE consumer.

3. Strategic Foresight: it is a long term strategic planning discipline that combines strategy, design and innovation. Foresight gives us a framework to identify emerging trends and issues, and then use this insight to map out possible futures. These well-informed maps of the future allow us to test our current strategy, develop breakthrough innovations, and create transformative change.

4. Future Trends: scanning of the latest worldwide trends. Not only trends that are already on the news, but also weak signals below the surface that regular business people do not know they already exists and will change their businesses.

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