Martin Berasategui

Martín Berasategui

Avant-garde Chef with eight Michelin Stars



Considered by the most prestigious culinary institutions as one of the best chefs in the world, Martín Berasategui has collaborated and learned with the best masters of the kitchen. Today, to say Berasategui means to speak of a tendency and a style of kitchen very defined, of a unique conception of the worlds that creates for those that sit down to their tables. As a lecturer, Berasategui develops topics such as innovation, creativity and teamwork, from his experience in the kitchen.

In 1981, he became responsible for Bodegón Alejandro, who received his first Michelin star in 1986.2 In 1993 he opened his first restaurant, called "Martín Berasategui", in Lasarte-Oria. In three years, the place received two Michelin stars. From there, the chef received several awards, including the Euskadi Gastronomy Award for Best Basque Chef in 1998 and the Golden Drum of San Sebastián in 2005.

In 1996, he decided to create a business association, the Martín Berasategui Group, to take charge of restaurants such as the Bodegón Alejandro, the Guggenheim restaurant in Bilbao or the Kursaal Martín Berasategui. This group continues advising several restaurants in different cities of Spain (Bilbao, Barcelona and Madrid) and abroad (Mexico and the Dominican Republic).

Among the awards he has received in his career are seven Michelin stars, the Grand Prix of the Art of Cooking and the Golden Drum of San Sebastian.

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