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Expert on Leadership & Personal and Professional Growth, author of three books, TEDx presenter and writer for the Huffington Post.




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Dr. Michelle Rozen is a much sought after motivational speaker, trusted nationwide by companies, associations and organizations to design and deliver motivating, life-changing, thought leading and highly interactive keynotes that inspire growth, motivation, leadership and change management.

Dr. Rozen is a speaker, TV personality and consultant with the credibility, professional knowledge and experience to deliver growth, motivation and practical tools to all audience types in the most interactive, entertaining and memorable way.

Dr. Michelle Rozen holds a PhD in Conflict Analysis and Resolution and a Masters in Psychotherapy. She specializes in human interaction and loves people and interpersonal dynamics. She and her husband of 22 years have three children. She lives in the NYC area, and holds an office is midtown NYC.

Dr. Rozen is an expert in human behavior, winning leadership strategies, effective change management, mastering the wisdom of communication, increasing motivation, empowerment and engagement towards goals of self and others.


How to Hit the Change Button: Leading Forward Through Change
A rapidly changing work environment is an issue leaders in all industries have to deal with: emerging challenges in management, procedures, technology, generation changes and more, can seem threatening but they actually are a great opportunity for growth.
A greatly motivational experience, this presentation provides the audience with Dr. Michelle Rozen’s best kept secrets for initiating, dealing and leading through change. Some of these techniques include the CHANGE model for effective leadership through change and the Three Golden Rules for increasing motivation, engagement and growth through change. Thanks to her expertise, you will be able to lead toward extraordinary engagement, motivation and performance through change.
Including role plays, humor, easy to remember tips and tools and a high level of audience interaction, this presentation will change the way the audience leads themselves and others to reach their goals through rapid and unexpected changes.

The 0-10 Rule: Winning Leadership Skills: How to Get People Engaged, Motivated and Inspired
The ability to create ongoing growth in engagement and motivation for oneself and others towards well defined goals carves the road to success. These essential and potentially immensely powerful skills are true must for every leader. Acquiring them is critical for leaders in all aspects of leadership. The 0-10 Rule is a powerful five step strategy that allows people to define goals and motivated the self and others not only hit their targets, but accomplish above and beyond what they thought was possible. This is a life changing, science based tool that not only increases motivation of the self and others, but also allows for incredible and powerful growth in the accomplishment of an engaged, motivated and inspired workforce in the face of a competitive market and towards a stronger, more effective organization.

How to Motivate Yourself and Others Through Change
Motivation and purpose are the key to performance. In order to efficiently manage motivation and perseverance, Dr. Michelle Rozen presents top cutting edge scientific knowledge along with practical, real-life applications, to increase motivation and lead ourselves and others toward peak performance. This engaging presentation provides real, science-based tools and strategies to transform how we act on a daily basis. Learn about the 0-10 Rule for identifying goals and master the GROW model for powerful growth through obstacles and challenges.

From Vision to Transformation: Powerful Leadership Strategies
The power to motivate regardless of the challenges ahead is the basis in which great leadership relies on. Centered in effective communication strategies and the creation of a culture of powerful teamwork, Dr. Michelle Rozen provides in this presentation the most recent research in the field of human behavior and winning leadership strategies. Highly interactive, this presentation enhances the audience’s leadership skills through diversity and commitment.

Women Leadership- Your Five Step Plan for Crushing Obstacles and Unleashing Success
Women leadership, as challenging as it may oftentimes be for many of us, is critical not only for the woman who leads, but for all of those other women for whom she functions as a role model. The obstacles for women leadership are oftentimes challenging but the goal is far too important than to let those obstacles stand in our way in becoming the best version of ourselves that we can possibly be and accomplishing all of our goals- and beyond. This five step strategy that allows women leaders to define goals and work towards accomplishing above and beyond what they thought was possible in their personal and professional lives. This is a life changing, science based tool that not only increases motivation of the self and others, but also provides a practical structure for achieving outstanding performance and outstanding result through any obstacles and challenges and in all areas of life.

Powerful People Skills Through Challenging Situations: Your Five Step Plan
The power of communication is extremely important for effective leadership, especially when facing challenging situations and diverse personalities and backgrounds –and even more so in our work setting. In this presentation, Dr. Michelle Rozen will give cutting-edge strategies to motivate and engage anyone in a powerful and meaningful manner. Thanks to her simple and powerful 5-step plan for powerful people skills, anyone can thrive and grow regardless of the challenges diversity in the workplace poses.

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