Sarah Harmon

LinkedIn Director in Spain and Portugal. Expert in digital transformation and Talent Management in the digital field.


English, Spanish

Sarah Harmon, head director at LinkedIn Spain and Portugal since 2013, is a woman with wide experience in business management, whose career has been highly successful at launching start-ups, new products and new business concepts, being able to encourage positively employees under her supervision. Most part of her work has been focused on digital transformation, social media communication, business monetization, and “employer branding strategy”, which consists in making companies attractive to employees and prospective workers.

Sarah Harmon is an empathetic person who is keen to attending executive forums and other professional events as a speaker. Recruiting through social media, start-ups, selling models development and management, and corporative transformation are some of the most outstanding topics Harmon lectures about. In addition, she explains how to use LinkedIn properly and efficiently as for building a professional identity, recruiting prospective workers or selling a corporative image.

Harmon started working in the Spanish business since 2004 in collaboration with Microsoft Iberia, where she worked in the sales area. Between 2011 and 2013, Harmon was in charge of the transformation of her sector sales team, focusing on the mobile, online, and social media environments so that the market would expand to other clients. She was also in charge of the worldwide Microsoft Office 365 launch, an integrated software solution via subscription to the cloud. Before Sarah Harmon joined Microsoft, she worked for five years in the American healthcare sector under different charges going from the management area to the public relations and technological development areas.

Harmon was awarded with the Outstanding Contribution Award (2007 and 2008), the Enterprise and Partner Group Award of Excellence (2007), and the Circle of Excellence Platinum Club (2010). In 2015, LinkedIn named her as the EMEA New Hire of the Year. In addition, she has been appointed one of the 100 leading women in Spain twice (2014 and 2015).

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