Sixto Arias Sánchez

CEO of Made in Möbile Expert in marketing, social networks on mobile platforms, and emerging technologies

Mobiles are the only means of communication that travel in customers’ pockets


English, Portuguese, Spanish

Sixto Arias is one of the pioneering figures in the field of mobile technology and its uses in marketing and networking. A member of the European Board of the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) Europe, Middle East and Africa and emeritus chairman of the Spanish board since 2015, he is also the CEO of Made in Möbile, an agency that focuses on the Internet of Things. In addition, he was co-founder of Mobext (Havas Digital), the world’s first mobile marketing agency with a presence in nine countries.

“Mobiles are the only means of communication that travel in customers’ pockets”

An indispensable leading light in mobile technologies, he is currently pouring his efforts into rapidly developing concepts such as the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, m-commerce (Mobile Commerce) and Big Data. He helps companies to identify business opportunities, expand internationally and find investors.

He is heavily involved in teaching and is a professor of Digital Business at Porto Business School, teaches Digital Strategy at The Valley Digital Business School and forms part of the teams that teach the MBA and Master’s in Digital Business at the EOI business school, the Official Master’s in Digital Communications at the ICEMD business school, and the Mobile Marketing Advanced Program at the IE Business School.

He set up Mc Mobi, the first mobile marketing agency in Spain in association with the leading media agency Mediaplanning and was co-founder of Movilisto, general manager of Result Venture Spain and marketing manager of Icon Medialab. Sixto has launched European companies such as Xing, Eprofessional and Netlog in Spain. He has also been a member of the jury that selects investment projects for the Conector event that takes place during the Imán annual marketing forum and a jury member for the I Mobile Film Festival (2007).

Likewise, he takes part as an organizer for First Tuesday, a forum for entrepreneurs and investors sponsored by La Caixa and forms part of Cognolink, a London-based European network of experts.


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