Uri Levine

Co-founder of Waze and Feex
Expert in disruption and entrepreneurship

We wanted to do maps in a way that hadn’t been done before and to disrupt the market you have to have a lot of funding



Uri Levine is one of the most prolific and tireless businessmen of today and is an active angel investor in technology-based companies.

Thanks to his extensive and proven experience, Uri is able to give talks that are very appealing to young businesspeople and businesses and provide them with his recipe for success.

For thirty years Uri Levine has been focused on developing high technology projects and disruptive technologies. Half of this time he has been dedicated to launching start ups.

As a keynote speaker and mentor of young entrepreneurs he shares lessons learned from his own experience of both triumph and defeat. He also explains how to be a successful entrepreneur and addresses issues such as disruptive technologies, business strategies and business mobility.

His greatest business successes come in the form of applications aimed at overcoming the inefficiency that affects us daily and making people's lives easier. Waze, his mapping and navigation app, enables users to avoid traffic jams, and his project FeeX targets the problem of hidden charges in financial services.

He is therefore no stranger to failure, moderate and resounding success, the latter being the case with the creation and development of the Waze application, acquired by Google for over a billion dollars.

Nowadays, he still lives a simple life and combines his business activities with investing in start-ups and helping people to develop their own projects. He takes part in innovative projects such as Moovit, Engie and Fairfly.

A true entrepreneur, who studied Economics at the University of Tel Aviv, he has worked in all possible areas of business, including product development, marketing, business development, running start-ups and providing coaching, above all to CEOs.

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