Yvette Montero Salvatico

Co-founder and Managing Director at Kedge. Futurist


English, Spanish


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Yvette Montero Salvatico is driven by the desire to help organizations and individuals discover their innate and untapped ability to create the future. With 15+ years of corporate finance, HR and leadership experience, including tenure as The Walt Disney Company’s first workplace futurist, she is uniquely positioned to successfully leverage the power of strategic foresight for complex organizations and entrepreneurial start-ups alike.

Yvette understands that while leaders continually tout the necessity of futures thinking on their teams, they fail to structure their business processes in a way in which long-term thinking is valued or rewarded. This fundamental disconnect is what causes businesses and organizations to miss opportunities and ultimately fail, and it’s this disconnect that she consistently helps to address and eliminate.

Yvette has extensive experience with large, multi-national firms. At Disney, she identified future workforce trends and leveraging foresight models to assess potential risks and opportunities for the organization.

As a keynote speaker, Yvette Montero Salvatico addresses large audiences and organizations on topics such as business policy, talent, work, diversity, career management, strategy and future’s thinking. She helps them discover their innate ability to create the future, and uses her experience in finance, HR and leadership to integrate strategic foresight into organizations. With an appealing style, she proves how organizations should treat strategic foresight like an operating system.

Yvette is also the Co-Founder and Principal of Kedge, a global foresight, innovation design firm, where they have trained more than 500 leaders worldwide, embedding foresight into numerous businesses’ culture. The strategic foresight skills that she creates in others have an impact on the organization and culture across businesses.

Through The Futures School she provides others with foresight tools, inspiring them to find their future paths, future passions and their own potential. For Yvette Montero Salvatico, future is nothing external, but lies inside every individual to release it.

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